Where to Find the Best Jewellery Making Supplies

More people than ever before are jumping on the make-it-yourself bandwagon. The DIY spirit spread quickly as people discovered the merits and joy of making their own household items, furniture, repurposing, and jewellery. Jewellery has long been one of the most popular items to give as gifts, and making it yourself just adds another level of that personal touch, not to mention being able to fully customize the piece to the person you are giving it to. When it comes time to start collecting some jewellery making supplies, there are certain items and techniques to keep in mind.

The Benefits of Making Your Own Jewellery

Aside from the obvious potential cost-saving factor of making your own jewellery, there are numerous other reasons it has become such a popular pastime. Studies have shown that those who regularly engage in creative activities tend to be happier individuals. The creative spirit is a powerful thing, and once you find something you truly enjoy making yourself, it can add another dimension of fun to your life. Giving home-made jewellery pieces as gifts or being able to say, “Thank you, I made it myself,” when someone compliments your necklace is extremely rewarding.

Getting Started

When you are getting started with making your own jewellery, there are some standard jewellery making supplies you will need. Once you find a good supplier of beads and supplies, you can easily get them delivered straight to your door. There are looms that can be used for weaving projects, and a simple rope bracelet is one of the most popular first projects as it is both simple and stylish. Rope bracelets are made with thread that is wrapped around the wrist multiple times for a trendy boho layered look. Choose your beads, thread them on, then pick your clasp, fastener, or tie technique to close the loop.

• Beads
• Wire
• Thread
• Clasps
• Fasteners
• Joiners
• Bead containers

When it comes time to get started on the jewellery-making road, CJ Beaders has everything you need and more. From a wide variety of beads to choose from to an equally impressive selection of jewellery making supplies, CJ Beaders can have your supplies easily shipped to your door so you can start creating impressive jewellery projects from the comfort of your own home. Stop thinking about it and do it – see what all the DIY fuss is about.

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