Avoid these Five Mistakes when Buying an Engagement Ring for Her

An engagement ring is a major financial and emotional investment. It is an important part of a marriage proposal. While proposing to the woman of your life makes you excited, you should not rush ahead and buy a ring. You must give the buying process a serious thought so you can get a ring that suits her. Also, make sure you avoid making the same mistakes that other men make:

Buying a Ring without Doing Research

Purchasing a random engagement ring in a whim is a big mistake. You can only buy something she loves if you a detective work. If possible, check out her jewellery collection to see the type of styles, colors, and shapes that she loves. Does she love vintage pieces? If so, don’t think about buying a modern diamond ring for her. You can also ask her family and friends for their opinions.

Failing to Know her Size

This is a serious mistake you need to avoid. You don’t want a ring that is either too big or too small for her. You can figure out her size in some ways. Most women have a ring size of 6-6.5 so this can be a good starting point. If you cannot borrow one her rings, try to ask some of her friends if they know her ring size.

Shopping for a Ring During Engagement Season

A lot of people get engaged in the period between November and February and buying ring her during this time can force you to pay more for her ring. No matter when you plan to propose to her, make sure to begin shop early on. You can get a better price for her ring if there is less demand.

Failing to Pay Attention to Diamond Cut

Diamond cuts refer to their size and how the stones reflect light. You must pick a diamond that has the highest grading standards and consistency. In general, you want to choose “Very Good” or “Excellent” cut grades.  The cut of her diamond is more important for a beautiful piece of jewellery than diamond clarity and colour.

Failing to Talk with an Expert

You must talk to an expert craftsperson in terms of picking an engagement ring. This person must be working in the jewellery trade for many years so he can give you better answers to your questions and inform you about your options. Also, expert jewellers can walk you through the entire buying process and help make the right choice in terms of setting, stone, and design.

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