A new buyer’s guide to diamonds – Things worth knowing!

Regardless of whether you are buying a ring for your beloved or want to just invest in loose diamonds, it is important to understand the purchasing process. Diamonds are rare and precious for sure, but buying one requires knowing a few aspects that are mentioned below.

Carat weight

A lot of people believe that bigger diamonds are higher in price, which might not be necessarily true. Nonetheless, carat weight is extremely important and determines the size of the rock you purchase.  You may want to forgo one aspect of the diamond for other things – it’s a personal call!

Cut is extremely important

In simple words, the cut of the diamond determines how it reflects light. The diamond certificate will mention the cut grade. The best diamond merchants recommend Ideal/Excellent cut over everything else. Even if the diamond is of small size or has inclusions (which is our next point, the cut can make a difference.


Diamonds do have a few inclusions or blemishes, which are formed naturally. Expensive diamonds rank high on Clarity because these don’t have these inclusions. Most inclusions and blemishes are not visible to the naked eye, but even then, the price is determined by this factor. As long as the diamond looks clean to the naked eye, you don’t have much to worry.


The color of the diamond impacts its price and appearance considerably. The best ones are rated ‘D’, which means that the diamonds are absolutely colorless. If you are short on budget, you can opt for something rated between F-L without a second thought.


Often considered to be the fifth C in diamond purchasing, certification is important. Diamonds are rated differently by different agencies, but the best ones have a standard and consistent grading system. AGS and GIA are two best known agencies for rating loose diamonds.

Things to note

To be fair, it is hard to understand diamond pricing. If you prefer a spot-free diamond, color and cut should be your immediate points of interest, while some buyers don’t mind having a few blemishes in a bigger rock. Consider what you can spend and whether you intend to buy diamonds with an investment perspective. Loose diamonds can be purchased and used for jewelry, just in case you want to customize your jewelry. The good thing is many merchants have their online stores, so most of the relevant information can be found online.

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